Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo Shoot. Maybe.

I loved planning my wedding. I loved every minute of my wedding. I wouldn't change a thing about my wedding, my gown, my brides maids' gowns, the tuxedos, the flowers, the colors...not a single thing. BUT, when thinking and thinking and seeing and seeing our engagment pictures and wedding pictures I soon change my mind on the not-changing-one-single-thing. I can't stand the pictures. I can't stand my photographer. I wish I could get my money back, but since it was 5 years ago...I doubt that can happen. The whole problem with the pictures is they aren't and still aren't digital. This little guy took pics with yea-like old school film. The pictures aren't bright and cheery...much more like...drab and boring. So, I am thinking...I want E and I to have a photoshoot with bright colors. E could wear a bright Orange Lacoste shirt and plaid shorts. For moi, I could wear a fun BRIGHT Spring\Summer dress (or gown, ha). I want pictures to hang on the wall of our home that people stop and say "Oh wow,those are fabulous." It's just a thought, but a thought that constantly comes to mind.

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