Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bug.

E and I had a great New Year's celebration with our wonderful friends. I was able to use my amazing new camera (my obsession has begun). When I say USE, I mean...taking 300 pictures in one night USE...I was the papparazzi for the night. I loved taking all the pictures and everyone enjoyed it too.As for the new year, I started it off with having the flu, strep throat and an ear infection. Let me just say, I was at home on the couch for 4 days and didn't move, didn't eat, didn't do anything. I felt like I was on the verge of death. I was running a fever for 4 days, so my body was weak and miserable. I am feeling much better, however, since I live in the allergy capital of the world, I am now dealing with Cedar fever (The beloved trees that grow so quickly it throws pollen at rapid speeds and makes everyone miserable for 3 months...). I am hoping to get all this crap out of my system by having a really nice work out tonight, follow it up with a trip to the dry sauna, ahhh...I am already relaxed.
While I was sick, my hubby took wonderful care of me. He is under the impression that sickness is 90% mind. He thinks if you continue to tell yourself you are sick, you will be sick. He is very loving and caring while I am\was ill, but he wanted me to get outside and get fresh air. I would sit outside and read my books. I felt a tad bit better...only because of Edward in Twilight (haha). The books I started and finished were the first 2 books of the Twilight series. I know, I know...I a little late, however, I am sooo glad I started. I absolutely love Stephanie Myers' writing and imagination. I love Bella and Edward!!! I am kind of jealous of Bella at could a vampire be so perfect?!? I have started Eclipse and cannot wait to get deeper into it.
Everyone take their Vitamins...I don't want anyone to have to deal with THE BUG I had last week. For me, my new year begins TODAY, 01/12/09. And I leave you with this...


Cara said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear that you have been sick. I don't think any amount of fresh air could cure strep, the flu, and an ear infection. That sounds just miserable! And how I looooooathe Cedar Fever. It was really bad in San Diego, which was why I was sick for almost the entire year that we lived there. Yuck!

Glad you are enjoying Twilight! Books 3 and 4 were my favorites. :)

Kristin said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm reading the Twilight Series too and I'm a little over half way with Eclipse. I'm loving it!!