Thursday, July 15, 2010

25 Randoms about E.

An old friend did a "Random 25 Things about my Hubby" post and I just have to copy because I think it's so cute!

25 Random things about E:

1. E is the oldest son. he has a younger brother. these 2 are pretty much best friends for life. they own a business together. they work together everyday. they talk on the phone everyday. they play golf together. eat together. laugh together. and cry together. they make me want a sister.

2. E is a University of Texas graduate. Hook 'em!

3. E lived in 6 states prior to the age of 15. Texas has been his home since 1996.

4. E's parents live in Texas 6 months out of the year and Maine the other 6 months.

5. E was arrested when he was in high school for stealing a glass coffee pot from Foley's and running from the rent-a-cop. Ha.

6. E's top row of teeth are fake. He lost a battle with a bike and concrete when he was 13.

7. I have NEVER seen E throw up from too much alcohol.

8. E's favorite drink is Crown on the rocks or Scotch on the rocks.

9. E is Italian. The older he gets the more Italian he looks.

10. E is an unbelievably fast swimmer!

11. E naturally has HUGE calves and biker thighs.

12. E begins his sleep with 3 pillows. by the morning, his arm is his pillow.

13. E hates sheets. we sleep with a quilt and a flat sheet.

14. E hasn't done his own laundry in 10 years. his wife does it all for him. every sunday.

15. E is an overly organized mess. he has nothing on his computer desktop. he has nothing sitting in his car. his desk HAS to be cleaned off at the end of each day. he walks around with a clip board with lists. he literally scratches off to-dos from this clip board list.

16. E will always have a Jeep Wrangler. regardless if we decide to have children one day, there will be a Jeep parked in our garage.

17. E makes my coffee 7 days a week. i am literally incapable of making my coffee. it never taste as good as when i make it.

18. E is a shoe freak. i am pretty sure he could buy a new pair of shoes every week.

19. E loves Lacoste. he would get rid of everything in his closet and just have J Crew jeans and Lacoste shirts.

20. E loves Mexican food. he could live and breathe salsa and chips. italian food is almost his favorite.

21. E is the one that taught me how to cook. the first italian dish i made him was burnt and absolutely disgusting. poor italian kid married a pure Texan.

22. E has never met an enemy. he rarely has something negative to say about someone or something. there is one person he literally has said he dislikes in the 10 years i have known him. he finds positive in most situations and people.

23. E is a total white boy, but loves thug-life-ghetto rap music. Wu Tang is one of his favs.

24. E didn't have a cell phone the first 6 years we were together. crazy. yes.

25. E has the largest collection of under garments i have ever seen. literally, probably at least 50 items in his drawer. crazy. again. yes.

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Wittschen's said...

so fun!!!
-Can't believe you do his laundry every Sunday!! what a good wife you are!!
-I sooo should have put Kevin was a list guy too! I call him ANAL ANDY when he gets that baby out. -fake teeth? I would have never guessed!!!
-we don't sleep with a flat sheet either!! I hate how twisted up in them you get!
- and just one more... Scotch on the rocks? DAMN! seems like it would BURN!!!