Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tears of Stress. Or. Tears of Joy.

So, I typed up a whole post. I was going to cut and paste...said function isn't working. I am too emotionally drained right now to retype the whole thing.

This being said...I am on an emotional rollercoaster with this new journey and other events going on in my life. It's tough. I will get through it.

To let you know, we opened Rita's this weekend...we believe it was A HUGE SUCCESS! Cheers!
Below, are some pictures of the opening and the store...it's super bright and cheery. I love walking in there and hearing our staff say..."Welcome to Rita's!"

The first two pictures are before pics of the front and the back of house. Pretty crazy how different it looks, right?


Melissa said...

amazing!! congrats!! i'll have to come check it out one of these days!!

Wittschen's said...

congrats!! hey check your posts.. it might have saved it as a draft... go to dashboard then click edit posts and it will show all your posts... that has happened to me before too!! and sometimes I have gotten lucky where it saved and others not!
I'm sure that you are so excited about ritas!! is there one here in houston area?

Kristin said...

JULIE!! That is so amazing, you should be so proud, I can't even imagine!! Good luck and God bless with this new journey! We'll have to come have some whenever we're in town!! Congratulations!!!