Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New trendy face

I had glasses, actually progressive bifocals, in college, but I stopped wearing the glasses about 3 years ago because the lenses were sooo scratched. I haven't really noticed a detoriation of my eyesight until about 2 months ago. I would have a headache everyday after work and when I returned home the TV would be blurry (It's an LCD HD, so there is NO REASON for it to be blurry), so I was discussing with my mother about going to TSO to get an eyeexam. She asked me "Are you squinting a lot to see anything?" I said, "No." Well, I then caught myself squinting. My beautiful mom made me aware that I would get wrinkles at an early age, so I went straight to the doc and received my prescription. He told me that I am near sided in both eyes, far sided in my left with an astigmatism, LOL. I chose to go with close up glasses since 90% of my time is reading a computer. I got some oh so fabulous Armanis...I just love them...I have never seen anyone with these glasses, so I feel good about that one...possibly I will start a new trend kind of like Mathew Mchonagey only tucking in 1\2 of the front of his shirt.

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Jayne said...

ok lets see them!!! :)