Monday, August 4, 2008

Confessions of a CF Husband!

I have to admit...I am a BLOG STALKER! I love reading about other's people's lives and not only learning from them, but just admiring them at the same time. I found Nate's blog through Cara's blog (who is from Katy, however, I have never met her, just stalk her Blog, hehe, but she knows that I do, so it's ok!). Cara and Nate's wife live their lives with Cystic Fibrosis. I have to admit I NEVER knew much about CF until I began reading their blogs, as well as others CF'ers. CF is an illness that is not curable (YET!) and many CF'ers have to undergo a lung transplant in their lifetime. So, onto the point of this blog...Nate's wife, Tricia, has an unbelievable, miraculous, every adjective available story and I want you to read about them. They are trying to raise money not only for CF, but Lymphoma too! Please take a few minutes to read their story, it truely is AMAZING (WARNING: You will probably shed a few tears, as I do EVERYTIME I read it). Give a $1 to help find a cure!

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