Friday, July 18, 2008

My parents have children, Chinese chilens.

My dear parents are oh so giving not only to their children, but to everyone around them. They received a phone call about 3 months ago from a lady at their church stating a Chinese gov't official was going to be visiting the church with interest in sending kids over for the summer; she wanted my mom to attend the meeting. So, of course my mom attended and agreed to house some of the children\teens. Not just one Chinese teen, BUT 4!!! There were strict guidelines each teen had to meet to be accepted into the program, one was they had to speak English. Well, Well...the girls got to my parents on Wednesday AND they don't speak English. My brother and I were laughing hysterically because my parents basically FREAKED! I think it's just because the girls were nervous and need to get aclimated to their new environment...we are hoping. The girls are 14 years old and come from well-to-do families. One girl's name is Lucy (How Cute!) and she is obsessed with Paris Hilton, hilar. Eric and I are driving to Houston for the weekend, making a side visit with Bird (aka, my brother) to my parents this evening...should be interesting! I will post some pictures on Monday of the girls known as my Chinese Sisters.

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Cara said...

You have some very brave parents!! :)