Wednesday, June 11, 2008

12 Days of Bliss!

Eric and I were blessed and fortunate to be able to take a 12 day hiatus to the Carribean. Our trip was AMAZING! Everything was perfectly planned before we got there and we had no worries. The USVIs are beautiful and feel like home. I know most people don't understand it, but I have traveled to many many places and I never feel a deep connection; I feel a deep connection to the USVIs. The people, the attitude, the beaches, the economy, the work ethic, the food, and the list goes on and on. While on the islands, Eric and I had many "epiphanies" about our lives today and our future. Our new motto is...~POSITIVE is How I Live~I hope to have many returning trips to this magical place or even a new home there!


Jayne said...

what a beautiful couple!! WHere did yall go excatly? It looks amazing!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

B-R-A-T. :) BTW you look amazing!