Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i am: excited for what my future holds.
i think: about a lot of things constantly.
i know: my husband loves me no matter what.
i want: my vacation to be here already.
i have: a wonderful family.
i wish: my parents and brother lived next to me.
i hate: jealousy.
i miss: my family.
i fear: loss.
i feel: tired and worn out...that time.
i hear: a vacumn cleaner.
i smell: popcorn.
i crave: mexican food.
i search: deep down to be a better person, daughter, and wife.
i wonder: when we will decide to have children.
i regret: not moving away from Texas when I graduated from college.
i love: the weekends!
i ache: once a month.
i care: but sometimes don't show it.
i always: drink water.
i am not: a super model.
i believe: in love.
i dance: when no one is watching.
i sing: but cannot carry a tune.
i don’t always: hold back what I am thinking or feeling.
i fight: rarely.
i win: at who talks the most.
i lose: at running.
i never: hold back.
i confuse: Eric.
i listen: to everyone.
i can usually be found: at home.
i am scared: rats, snakes, flying bugs, anything that slivers.
i need: Eric.
i am happy about: my 12 days of bliss!

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