Wednesday, June 18, 2008


WPC=Wedding Planning Certification! We were in Houston leaving for our trip to the Caribbean when I saw these 2 women sitting with bags that had "Designer Destination Weddings" written on them. I thought to myself and, what a fabulous job. I said to Eric, "I would love to be a wedding planner." He agreed that it would be a wonderful experience. When we reached St. Thomas, we went to a beach known as Magen's Bay. While sitting there, a wedding planner was setting up on the we noticed the groom and then the family and then the bride. I had a rush come over me and realized I needed to investigate a new career in wedding planning. When we arrived home, I immediately searched on the internet different ways to become certified in the wedding industry. I have found my class and am going to enroll this weekend. I am not sure how long the whole certification will take me, but I have enough downtime to hustle. This will be a new and exciting journey for both Eric and I!

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Jayne said...

that would be a neat job!! I wan to do photography so maybe you could coordinate the wedding and I would be your photographer! :)