Thursday, November 1, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays

Oh, Thursday I love you because that means a half day tomorrow or better yet maybe a half day off.

It's ok...
That I admitted I had terrible PMS to my husband via an emoticon yesterday. It's bad.
To have a gazillion XFactors and The Voices to watch.
To have eaten at least 10 single wrapped Sour Patch Kid candies last night.
To set the alarm clock for 6:45am everyday, but get up at 7:45am.
To absolutely love Zumba even though I know I look like an idiot.
That I have no faith in the Texas Longhorns this weekend. Pretty sure they are going to get put through the ringer. New coach, maybe? Doubtful.
To really want E to find something that will make him happy, lower his stress level and allow him to stay home on Saturday mornings.
That I tell my boss how it is and really don't care about his feelings. Is that bad?
To know I need to be more compassionate and empathetic.
To download three books to my Kindle and still have three that are only half-read.
To love alcohol club more than book club.
To want to chop my hair off...especially when it's impossible to run my fingers through the rat's nest.
That I want Tory Burch Revas in absolutely every color. And, that I will pretty much be asking for TB gift cards for Xmas.
To hope we don't have coffee at home tomorrow morning, so I can get my first red Starbuck's cup of the season.
To officially start the countdown to December. Two vacations, my birthday and Christmas...Blessed.

Lastly, it's okay to want a glass of vino at 2:00pm on a Thursday.


Juliette said...

Yayy for officially start the countdown to December! :)

Jayne Wittschen said...

2:00 for wine??? that's nothing.. There has been many many many days that I'm really wanting wine and it's not even 10:00! lol

Helene said...

wine is good anytime! and telling your boss that is true!!! get the emotions out of the workplace!

Helene in Between

Lindsey said...

I definitely tend to snooze for an hour before waking up. Totally okay.


Taylor said...

Love this!! I am feeling you on the hair issue girl!! Mine is starting to get too long where it's getting knotty and isn't looking "naughty" haha but then when I hack it all off I hate it and buy extensions anyways. damn it! I hope you got your red cup!! i have yet to get mine :(

Tell your boss!!! Tell tell tell!!! You'll feel so good that you did!

good luck pretty girl!