Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marley for Prez.

The election is over...thank Heavens! Perhaps, I can go on Facebook without getting angry. Scratch that...I just did - bad idea. Just one comment - Are we in 2012? Do people really think it's black vs white? 
Marley for President. 
Moving right along...
My Mom has had a tumor on her face\neck\jaw for a very long time. We thought she had it removed a few years ago, but it grew back. Now we know, it probably was not fully removed years ago and I want her to sue the doctor, but I am mean and my Mom is nice. Long story short, she had surgery on Monday. I balled like a baby on Sunday when she told me we actually didn't know if it was malignant or benign. Sunday night and Monday were pretty much the most anxious I have been in a very long much so I had a terrible migraine. Good news is...
All I have to say is the original doctor is very lucky because I might hire a lawyer myself if the outcome was different.
Because of this surgery, my parents had to cancel a trip to Chicago. I didn't even really think about E and I taking the trip instead because you know we don't have two HUGE trips coming in December or anything. But we aren't talking about that. I asked E to see about free plane tickets. Scored those. Received a discount code from a friend for a hotel. Scored that. So, we are going to Chi-town. I am over the moon excited! 
Lists anyone?
We are going to eat at some fabulous restaurants, walk the Magnificent Mile, visit Millennium Park, see Wrigley Field, Navy Pier and lastly, see the Texans whoop the Bears on Sunday! Anything else I need to add to the list? Favorite restaurants? Hot dogs? Pizza? It's going to be cold and that just makes me elated.
The next two months are so busy and I am forever grateful for that especially since Mama bear is cancer free. 

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Jayne Wittschen said...

So happy to hear your momma is ok!! scary I'm sure! And let me just say how freaking jealous I am of you going to Chicago. My hubby used to live there, and we have visited a couple times... love that city. Have fun! And so cool the Texans are playing when you are there too! Did I say jealous?