Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dressed Corona Light, please.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! What are we celebrating anyways? My lineage\heritage has 0% Hispanic's quite comical that I am excited to eat Mexican food as well as drink an ICE COLD CORONA LIGHT, DRESSED. Aw. I need an excuse to partake in such caloriefilledohmygoodnessineedtogotothegymstat fun.
Ranting. My company is about 90% men, 10% women. The men are nerds and really cannot even speak whilst looking at someone in the eyes. The women cannot stand one another and cause days of drama. It's pathetic. It's total jealousy. It's rather annoying. An employee nicely told me that her boss told her too many people stand at her desk and chat during the day. I was included in the mess, however, I am the Facility Manager and have to escort people from the front desk. I kind of don't have a choice. Also, I like to take a few strolls during the day and stop to chat with people I actually that a problem, Boss lady?!? I think communication on a friendly matter is just as important as communication on a business matter. People can be friends and talk about their weekends, their hobbies and their laughs. It's normal, I think. Perhaps, it's not? I think the whole thing goes back to the beginning...JEALOUSY. Jealous over the fact that 2 individuals, whom are female actually CAN get along just fine. Get real, Boss Lady. You don't run this roost and you will definitely not run mine!
Ranting #2. We are members at 24 Hour Fitness in the ATX. I usta love the gym and usta to love swimming, sitting in the sauna, riding the bikes and watching others. NOW, I absolutely hate it. The gym is DISGUSTING. The people are DISGUSTING. The place gives me the total creeps. Most equipment seems to be broken everyday to include the sauna. It's quite frustrating. E came home yesterday morning and asked, "ohmygoodness, did you see the pool this morning?" "No, honey I didn't." "Good thing cuz it was white." Sick. I got up this morning at 520am...drove to the swim and lo-and-behold the water was extremely cloudy. I didn't have my other clothes to workout, so I jumped in the pool to do my 50 minute workout. I became clausterphobic...yea...clausterphobic from the murkiness and not being able to see 2 inches in front of my eyes. Yack. I continued to swim thinking to myself...well, if I croak or have an arm fall off, at least someone will see this nastiness. E came home after me and said his throat hurt from the pool, ha. Terrible, I tell ya. He also mentioned how gross the sauna smelt and how mold spores were growing rapidly on the floor and the cedar. We are done. He took pictures and posted them on 24 Hour's facebook page. He is going to send an email to the GM and the higher ups...totally going to smear the gym. I totally agree with him because it really could affect someone's health! Sidenote, I think we are going to join Lifetime Fitness. It's a little more expensive, but we go 4-5 times a week...I feel it's worth it. Anyone a member there?
All in All, it's going to be ok cuz I get to eat Mexican food and drink a Corona Light tonight.


Melissa said...

Most of the staff here is a part of Lifetime Fitness and they love it!

Kristin said...

We used to go to Lifetime here before Keaton was born and we LOVED it!!!