Monday, March 15, 2010


The most beautiful weather has arrived in the great state of Texas! The wind blows, the trees whistle, the grass is turning green, the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, neighbors are planting bright pink flowers to match their bright purple front doors, traffic is dying down, the Jeep top is off, little red cheeks will be apparant and the list goes on and on. I heart this time of year (can you tell?) hence why we chose to marry in Spring. Crawfish boil, beer pong, flip cup, Irish pubs and weddings will be filling our days in the near future. Amen.
Life is moving along just plain and dandy. We have received an approval for Building and Mechanical from City of Austin. The most red-taped business in the world, I hate them and I hate their ways...I digress. We received a rejection on the yea, the most important part of a buildout. The Electrical is being resubmitted as we speak and now we just wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...and someone's ear off...and wait...cause a huge scene and tell someone they are worthless...and wait. Hopefully, we will receive an approval on the Plumbing part as well in the next couple of days. We cannot wait to open and get fat on Rita's.
Happy Spring folks! (PS. I need to take some kill'a pictures, I don't have any recents. Tear.)

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