Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updates of sorts.

Good stuff around this household.
Date nights. In store training for Rita's. A dog that will not stop hacking. Gray hair growing like a weed ontop of this-here head. Cramping that I cannot put a finger on at this moment. Skinny vanilla lattes (almost everyday, shhh...don't tell the husband). Swimming\Or dry land @ 5:15am. Spring clothes shopping. Anticipating a business opening. Planning a company wide move. Ontop of planning the actual move, how about planning an outfitting of 80k sq ft (that makes me want to vomit). Photo shoot with Ice Guy. Weddings. Birthday parties. Wedding showers. Budget cutting. Car searching. Family visits. Stress...Stress...Stress...oh yea, did I mention stress. And that about sums up my life the past few weeks.
I think my favorite update is: Photo Shoot with Ice Guy. E and B had to purchase an Ice Guy outfit. It literally looks like a gigantic Rita's ice cup. A dear friend of ours agreed to dress in the suit. We bought him lunch and a few beers prior to the shoot. HE WAS PERFECT! He was quite hungover from the night before and was acting tired and boring until he put the ice guy over his head. He suddenly became this character. A character with a special voice, entertaining movements. He had people stopping on the side of the road to take pictures of him. We went to the store location, the University of Texas Tower & stadium, of course The Texas Capitol and lastly, Lady Bird Lake. It was a fun filled day! We had perma-grins on the whole day which caused us each to have headaches, but of course it was very exciting to see the joy and interest about Rita's!

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