Monday, November 16, 2009


Ahhh, the joy and excitement may now officially begin! E has recently resigned from his
J-O-B as a home builder. And, this leads to many jumps in the air screaming HOORAY at the top of my lungs. See, his job has probably aged him about 10 years because it's 100% stressful, 100% of the time...there is not one moment of relaxation in the home building industry, especially right now in this economy. You may ask WTH is he going to do? Drumroll...
He and his brother will be running a family owned franchise business, RITA'S Italian Ice and Custard. This place is hoppin' all over the country especially in the North East because it's a divine product. It's rather difficult to explain, but one thing for sure that's easy...It has fresh fruit in it, yummy! The first location is going to be near the University of Texas campus, 2nd location will be on the San Antonio Riverwalk and last location will be in Westlake. Wowie...that's a's a new journey...wowie...I may never see my husband...wowie...this is the BEST thing EVER (not that I will never see him, but that he is no longer working for the MAN). I will continue working my job to carry E's health insurance until Rita's HAS to have my assistance. It's such a relief to actually be able to scream the news to everyone and anyone. This has been a hidden secret since March because of the vulnerability of E's company finding out. So, I have screamed it, shouted it, jumped up and down! We are blessed and can't wait for the new journey!
If you are in the above areas mentioned...I expect you to stop in to get your FREE ice! :)
If you live somewhere else not in Austin, take a look at the website to find your nearest will not regret it:
PS: Katy & Houston is coming your way!


Cara said...

AWESOME!! I seriously LOVE Rita's! Everyone up here is just crazy about it, so I know everyone in TX will love it too. I'm so excited for you guys!

Kristin said...

That's so exciting!! I'll have to try it sometime! Good luck with the new adventure!! =)