Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Countdown that will NEVER end!

So, I have had a countdown clock on my myspace page since Christmas time for our vacation to the Caribbean. I swear it doesn't seem to end!!! I know I posted it when I had about ummmm...150 days UNTIL 12 Days of Caribbean bliss, But gee-mi-knee-Christmas, it's still not here. I am just constantly thinking about it and wishing it were tomorrow. We received the condo keys, maps, etc in the mail about a month ago (yes, really early). I have my travel folder set up with our airline information, car rental information, and of course a recipe list. We have our finances down to the penny for the trip. AND we aren't leaving any time soon...the wait is killing me. I am going to send hubby a countdown clock too, so he can go through the same agony as me. =)

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