Thursday, April 17, 2008

Be the Voice!

I have been saying this a lot lately. I have been telling friends, family and coworkers to speak out and say what you want to say. At my place of employment, people are very unhappy, the morale is down and no one is doing much about the whole situation. I am called "The mother of Engineering" because everyone seems to tell me how they feel (I am sure so I will go tell my boss). Well, I did just that...I had a sit down come to Jesus meeting with my boss a couple of weeks ago for 3 hours. I layed it out on the table and told him how I felt (actually being the VOICE for everyone's feelings). Then our President gave a lovely speech about "not caring, blah blah blah" on Friday. I guess a lot of people took this speech to heart and felt disturbed that the leader of the company would make such remarks. Well, my boss had a follow-up meeting yesterday to reassure his department that the President didn't mean anything negative...we all laughed. My boss attempted to show us his care and loyalty, but did it work...we will not know until the 14th employee quits this week...

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