Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 10.

Tuesday 10
10 Things I am looking forward to...
10. A bowling birthday party. A dear friend of ours is turning 29 on Friday and since it's his last "kid" year his wife is throwing him a bowling party. SWEET! I will need the bumpers because I am not a good bowler, but it will be fun.
9. The Houston Rodeo cook off. Of course, if you are from Htizzle you know the fun, crazy exciting times can occur at the cook off. E has never been (yes, in the 8 years we have been together), so this will be his first time. It's going to be a blast!!!
8. Spring time. I love Spring time, especially in Austin! The hills turn green, the bluebonnets bloom, the fields are covered with yellow flowers, the trees turn green, the grass needs to be mowed, AND LAKE TIME! My bff has been living in Lubbock FOREVER, but she just moved back home to Katy. Her father and step mom have a lakehouse and boat, so guess what...EVERY WEEKEND we will be on Lake Travis, wahoo. Looking forward to a nice tan!
7. Dresses. I love wearing dresses! I love wearing dresses because you cannot see the fatness on the legs. Right now, the weather is so confusing that wearing dresses is near impossible or at least without leggings or tights. I can't wait to go shopping and buy precious, flattering Spring\Summer dresses.
6. Flip Flops. Along with dresses, I love flops. I could wear them everyday all day, all year long. I MAKE myself not wear them when it's cold because I am pretty sure people would look at me and laugh.
5. March Madness. I am a huge sports fan; I do love football more than anything, but I do believe that March Madness is the BEST competition out of all sports. E is going to Vegas with the boys, but I am still going to give him some bets to throw for me. :)
4. NFL draft. See, I told you I am sports freak. I love watching the faces of these men light up when their names are called to join an NFL team...A new life, A new chapter.
3. Beer pong and back yard moments. We are the beer pong champs and it's that time of year, to break it out on a Saturday afternoon, throw some back, play washers and horseshoes & of course enjoy fun filled time with lovely peeps!
2. Wedding Anniversary. Our 4 year wedding anniv is April 2nd...I love Anniversaries!
1. VACATION!!! We are going on vacation a little later this year, but it 's going to be worth it. You probably ask, "where are ya'll going?", however, I cannot answer this question because I am baffled on the decision. We have been to a lot of the islands and there are plenty we would love to go back to, but I just cannot decide. Time will tell...


Kristin said...

Ahh, this makes me even more ready to move back to Texas! All the spring and summer talk makes me so jealous!! People who live here may not know it but there's no such thing as summer here! I'm also jealous about the cook off!! I know yall will have so much fun!!

Cara said...

You have so much fun stuff to look forward to! I agree with Kristin, I'm jealous too!

What do you mean you don't wear flip flops when it's cold!? I wear them year round, including yesterday, when it randomly SNOWED! I literally threw my hands up, looked at the sky, and said "Are you KIDDING me!?" :)